This Korean Grocery Store Has a Hack to Prevent Overripe Bananas

Buying a bunch of bananas can be a tricky predicament — eat them too early and they’ll be too green, wait too long and they’ll go from perfectly ripe to mushy and brown in a matter of days.

Typically one remedy for this very real problem has been a good banana bread recipe, but now a Korean grocery store E-Mart has come up with an idea for having too many ripe bananas.

As shared by Twitter account and blogger @AskAKorean and Daum, E-mart has began selling packs of bananas that span the range of very green to very ripe, which means users will be able to have a perfectly ripe banana every day without the risk of ending up with a bunch of brown bananas.

See E-Mart’s very brilliant lifestyle hack below.

Genius at work. E-mart in Korea is now selling the "One a Day Banana" pack, containing several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days.

— T.K. of AAK! (@AskAKorean) August 6, 2018

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