Beloved Swimming Pigs?

Several of the popular swimming pigs that draw travelers to the Bahamas Big Major Cay were discovered dead over the weekend from an undetermined cause.

Wayde Nixon, among the pigs owners, informed the Nassau Guardianthat 7 of the pigs had actually passed away, and about 15 were still alive.

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Among the well-known swimming pigs in 2012.

The pigs were offered the incorrect food, Nixon informed the news outlet. He didnt define who offered the passel of pigs the food, or exactly what it was. He did state there have actually been issues with travelers acting wrongly.

Right now, its hyperbolizing with individuals, anyone bringing food there, any person doing exactly what they [wish to] do, Nixon stated. We have individuals coming there providing the pigs beer, rum, riding on top of them all sort of things.

Kim Aranha, president of the Bahamas Humane Society , informed Tribune 242 its not clear if the pigs deaths were deliberate or unintentional.

It might simply be an awful mishap, where they consumed something harmful, Aranha stated. It might be destructive, however I do not truly see why somebody would head out of their method to harm those charming animals.

The outcomes of a gentle society examination into the deaths will be readily available by next week, inning accordance with Tribune 242.

As an outcome of the deaths, travelers will not be allowed to feed the pigs, though they will still have the ability to visit them, V. Alfred Gray, minister of farming and marine resources, informed the Nassau Guardian.

Popular legend associates the pigs existence on the island to sailors who deserted them, or to pigs swimming to the island after a shipwreck.

But Nixon and his organisation partner, Don Rolle, have actually informed several media outlets that they brought a couple of pigs to the island in the 1990s in a plan to begin a farm. That stopped working, however the appeal of free-roaming, swimming pigs wound up being a significant traveler destination.

Swimming Pigs

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A mom and child pig on the beach.

The world-famous Swimming Pigs have actually been consistently popular in the media, as well as made a look on the truth dating program The Bachelor in 2015. Some animal supporters have actually revealed issue for the pigswell-being. Swimming Pigs


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