Trump’s New Nickname for Bob Casey

‘Sleeping Bob’: Trump’s New Nickname for Bob Casey

During Trump’s Wilkes-Barre rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday night, he came up with a new nickname for Democratic Senator Bob Casey: ‘Sleeping Bob.’

The name originated immediately after Trump talked about the fake news. Trump said, “Because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news,” then changed the topic, saying, “Let’s get back to some boring news…Bob Casey.”

To cheers, Trump began to say, “Sleeping Bob. I like it! Sleeping Bob.”

Later, he brought the nickname up again. “Don’t fall asleep as we talk about sleeping Bob,” Trump said at one point, to loud cheers from the crowd.

We’ve got a nickname — “Sleeping Bob.””Don’t fall asleep as we talk about Sleeping Bob,” Trump quips.

— Laura Olson (@lauraolson) August 2, 2018

Trump held the rally as a means to campaign for Rep. Lou Barletta, who is looking to unseat Casey in the gubernatorial election.

“I hear [Casey] is afraid to debate,” Trump said. “Oh, I want to watch that debate.”

This Wilkes-Barre rally in a nutshell: “They can make anything bad, because they are the fake, fake disgusting news… Alright, let’s get back to some boring subjects like Bob Casey!”

— Ashley Parker (@AshleyRParker) August 2, 2018

Following Trump’s branding of Casey as “Sleeping Bob,” Twitter immediately exploded with the hashtag on both sides of the partisan aisle. One user tweeted, “ wow!!! Trump is a marketing genius!!”

Another user tweeted, “#POTUS immortalizes another #SleepingBob! How you like them apples #BobCasey?”

@realDonaldTrump gives shout-outs during this Wilkes-Barre rally to Crooked Hillary, Crazy Bernie, Pocahontas, and Sleepin’ Bob Casey. Crowd roars with laughter.

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) August 3, 2018

Trump didn’t stop with the nicknames there, also referencing some of his classics, such as “crooked Hillary” and “crazy Bernie,” even going out of his way to imitate Senator Bernie Sanders for about a minute.Read more: hea

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