Pork Cheeseburger Recipe A.K.A “Popeye Burger” And Rightfully So

This pork cheeseburger dish, A.K.A ““ Popeye Burger ”, will make your mouth water with pleasure and take you on a journey through Italian-inspired tastes and twists to the normal hamburger formula. Simply see and wait how it’’ s created …

. You will require: Ground Pork Shoulder Panko Breadcrumbs Kosher salt Garlic powder Onion Powder Paprika 1 tsp Honey 1 Whisked Egg Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh Spinach, sliced 2 Bacon pieces, sliced Speck (or pancetta ) slices Granny Smith apple, diced Oaxaca cheese (or other velvety, moderate cheese) Parmesan Reggiano Burger Buns ““ Popeye Burger ” Pork Cheeseburger Recipe

Half of the magic in any hamburger remains inthe patty. Attempt to source your meat as high and fresh quality as possible. Ask your meat company to grind some pork or take it house and grind it yourself– in either case, this one ’ s gon – na be famous.


For the patty breading, season some Panko breadcrumbs with Kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. When you have your patty all set, paint over it with some blended egg, then cover with the skilled breadcrumbs. Repeat on the other side.


Fire up the grill, and setit up for two-zone cooking (indirect and direct heat). Location a cast iron frying pan straight over the flames, and warm up some olive oil. Next, include the sliced up bacon, and fry up until it ends up being crispy and great.


Once done, include the diced apple– its sweet taste will cancel the saltiness of the bacon and cheese, and the bitterness of the spinach. Let the apple modification color a little, then include the spinach. Prepare that for a couple of minutes also, and lastly include the honey and velvety cheese.


Once the sauce reaches the wanted consistency, move the frying pan over to the indirect heat side to keep it warm, while carrying on to the next part of this pork cheeseburger dish: The patty. You can prepare this one of 2 methods: either pan frying it in a cast iron frying pan, or filling the frying pan up with grease and deep frying it. Make sure to drain pipes excess oil off the patty once it ’ s prepared if you go with deep frying.


Give the buns a fast toast, and assemble your hamburger! Location a couple of pieces of Speck on the bottom bun, followed by Parmesan cheese, the breaded pork patty, and lastly leading with the tacky bacon &spinach sauce.



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