Matthew McConaughey Celebrated His 48th Birthday

Matthew McConaughey Celebrated His 48th Birthday Giving Out Turkeys To The Less Fortunate

if you could spend your birthday doing anything you wanted (as well as money was nothing), what would certainly you do? I’m thinking it would be something pricey, luxurious and also lavish. You ‘d truly intend to push the boat out as well as offer your guests (as well as naturally yourself) the time of their lives.
Perhaps if you were actually identified to go all out, your supreme birthday event would look a little similar to this:


once again, if you had all the cash worldwide, elegant parties would certainly be dime a dozen by now. Particularly if you were a sought-after celebrity— someone like Matthew McConaughey. Well, when Matthew celebrated his 48th birthday celebration on November 4, he didn’t invest it rather the method you would certainly expect him to.matthew mcconaughey birthdaySo what did he do on his special day? Well, believe it or not, he spent his birthday delivering poultry to the less fortunate in Lawrenceburg, a town in Kentucky. Lawrenceburg is home to the Wild Turkey Distillery, and the 48-year-old actor is actually the company’s creative director. Matthew led a philanthropic project with the whiskey brand, a project which included 250 other volunteers. matthew mcconaughey birthdayThe company delivered a massive 4,500 free turkeys to the Lawrenceburg residents in the giving spirit of Thanksgiving. And also of course, it was led by the very same star that has gotten lots of vital honor for his duties in movies like Interstellar, Dallas Purchasers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street and also True Investigator. The charitable star made it known in a Facebook live video clip that Wild Turkey Distillery and 250 of its employees would be providing turkeys to residents of Lawrenceburg.  Matthew is a father of three beautiful children (Levi, nine, Vida, seven, and Livingston, four) and has been married to his stunning wife Camila Alves for four years. To put it plainly, the man has everything so forgive him for wanting to give back! In the first video that was uploaded to Facebook Live, he made the initial announcement that there a turkey-giving initiative was underway. He then went into further detail about how expressing gratitude opens you up to so many more blessings and opportunities in life. He claims that he is living proof that this principle is 100% legitimate.

“matthew mcconaughey birthday Thanksgiving, gratitude, we believe in our family that the more you’re thankful for, the more that you show gratification, the more that you’re gonna create in your life to be thankful for.” 

In the second video that was uploaded to Facebook live, Matthew delivers a turkey to a group of women who are clearly overjoyed that the A-lister has stopped by for a visit. The animated bunch tells the Oscar winner that their collective nickname is the “hot mamas”. Interestingly enough this is what Matthew affectionately calls his wife Camila, and he has no qualms about revealing that to his adoring fans! The way in which Matthew McConaughey birthday chose to spend his birthday is absolutely heartwarming and beautiful. Being philanthropic isn’t practically parting with a portion of your wide range by donating to different charities. It’s also concerning taking the time to personally connect to people as well as hang around with them recognizing that it implies a great deal to them. In support of all the homeowners who received this charitable Thanksgiving gift, we say thanks to Matthew McConaughey for his generosity and also kind spirit.

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