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ViralFeedNova Guidelines for Contributors and Writers Guest Post

As a community-focused site, we want as many of you as possible to share your advice and experiences. If you want to do so, here’s how

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Reasons to Write for viralfeednova

1.For more Exposure and Online Presence.
2.For Credibility.
3.Reputation Building Opportunities which brings more traffic.
4.Helps your posts and name get more recognition.
5.Social Media Growth.
7.Tap into under-the-nose opportunities.

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Before writing you must accept these Guidelines.

No Duplicate contents:-

Because it results in ban by Google. Google can smell copied content and is very good at it. You must not copy other posts and share here. If it’s a snippet of that other posts that inspires then you must give credit to that author or writer.


Try to Interact with your readers and answer there Queries if they have any doubt. This will help you build Trust among readers.


Once again, if you post someone else work you need to give credit to the respective Person.

Include Images or Videos:- The article written by you must have an Image or Video. And yes you must site the source of the Image or Video with a link to the source.

Before sending me a request you are automatically accepting the below mentioned Terms and Conditions.

1.The Blog Administrator has the ownership of the content.
2.He can accept/reject the content.
3.He can remove/delete the content at the later stage.
4.he can modify the content after Publishing.
5.You can’t repost curate the content without permission on to other web properties
but you can link to the content

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