All Relationships Are Conditional

There is no such thing as unconditional love in human relationships. Only things like dogs can be physically beaten and still wag their tail and love their owner. All humans will eventually draw a line somewhere with someone. For example even a mother will throw a psychopathic son in prison should he try to kill her. Of course it will be a conflicted feeling but in the end every relationship is on the chopping block if it falls below

a certain threshold. There are no relationships that are fundamentally sacred to the point that they are impermeable to external conditions. Everything can be eroded and everything can die. Religion, society, family, friendships, relationships are just strong facades for maintaining order over a turmoil of cannibalistic interactions. When your chips are down you eat and kill whomever you can to survive. Religion is at best a peace treaty between predators. In every relationship you can choose to be eaten or eat. Happiness in relationships are no different than having a full belly of food. A bodily state isn’t a fundamental proof of commitment to acting a certain way indefinitely.

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